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Aug 19, 2013 2:00pm EDT
is concerned about the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. on this issue, vice president joe biden -- the nice thing is that you don't need a punchline. [applause] you simply say his name and people naturally laugh. but vice president joe biden had some advice for all of us. if somebody is attacking your home just go outside with a double barrel shotgun and fire both arrows into the air. which is very good advice. if it happens you're being attacked by a flock of geese. on guns, following the horrific tragedy in newtown president obama came out saying, let not let's go come down on the violent criminals like a ton of bricks. but instead, the president said, we will use this as an excuse to go after the constitutional rights of law- abiding citizens. in washington, the momentum was entirely with the president on this. conventional wisdom was that this was unstoppable. and i will tell you that three senators signed a very simple and short note to hear he read that said we will -- harry reid that said we will filibuster anything that prohibits our right to bear arms. [applause] the im
Aug 9, 2013 10:00am EDT
ourselves on. >> i remember joe biden always came in dead last. least rich on capitol hill. he made $200 on his book last year. [laughter] >> i know everyone has questions. each team has worked somewhere else. some of you have worked in more traditional places compared to where you are now. can you tell us how that is different for you personally, what you feel has been a change for you perhaps in moving into the work you are doing now. we're also interested in how you help students prepare for this environment where there are all of these opportunities. what do they need to know to take advantage of opportunities that are out there? >> i think they need to learn how to code. as someone who has worked for a newspaper for 24 years, the last six of that running politifact. i am struck by the tremendous opportunity for students that can understand the fundamental of journalism and understand computer science, understand html and want to take the curiosity of a journalist and put it to work on the web. >> i will push back a little bit on that from my own interest and say i do not care if the
Aug 15, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. on the democratic side, we've got amy of minnesota tomorrow. howard dean is research -- resurfacing. joe biden is coming next month. >> c-span and c-span radio will be covering this in clear lake iowa. about thelittle bit event. she is speaking there but honoring hillary clinton. how will that work? >>) -- >> right. they gave the award to a democrat this year. she is true -- coming simply to for a democratic congressman here running for the senate. at has also spoken to iowans the national convention in north carolina. it is interesting she is coming back. any interest?ave is there talk about her possibly forming in interest in running for president in 2016? >> yes. when we asked her in north carolina, she brushed off questions about becoming president. we have asked -- activists from last week. they were promoting a generic female president. one of the names were dropped. if you look at any hotlist or possible democratic candidate that hillary clinton does not my is always on the list. on the reporting republican meeting, which c- span recorded part of today. the headline on the site. the hea
Aug 23, 2013 10:00am EDT
visited students at syracuse. later today on the joe biden in scranton, his hometown. i decided to stop here for a couple of reasons. number one, i have been told it is very important for me to get a speedy's while i'm here. [applause] so we are going to pick one up and try it on the road. number two, i'm excited because the great work that suny campuses like the nintendo are doing to keep costs down for hard-working students -- like binghamton are doing to keep costs down for hard-working students like you. students across the state are getting world-class higher education. that without some of the debt and financial burden that is stopping too many young people from going to college. that is what we want for all of our students and families all across the country. i've beenast month visiting towns throughout america and i have talked about, how do we secure a better bargain for the middle class and everybody trying to work their way into the middle class? we fought our way through a very brutal recession and now we're at a point where we are creating jobs, the economy is growing, ajit
Aug 29, 2013 10:00am EDT
. earlier today, vice president joe biden airing an event was asked the question about syria, and he responded that the president has not yet made a decision about an attack on that country. speaker boehner yesterday released a statement in which he called on further negotiations by the president with congress, and within his letter he included a number of questions, what specific evidence the administration has about the use of chemical weapons by the government as well as the administration's long-term goals. we will continue to follow this story and update you as the news becomes available. as the president considers the u.s. response to syria's alleged use of michael weapons, the washington institute yesterday hosted a discussion on the u.s. relationship with syria and opposition groups and the applications of a strike on that nation. this discussion is about 90 minutes. ,> if i may have your attention i'm the director of research at the washington institute for near east policy. i would like to welcome you here today and start with a logistical note -- please follow my example a
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)